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Class, style and elegance.These are the threads of expertise that run through every Lawrencepur suit ever designed. Our attention to intricate detail in designing suits defines our signature ability to create masterpieces of perfection that leave an unforgettable lasting impression while setting our customers apart from the rest.


Slim Fit

Looking for the perfect suit to fit your style? With Lawrencepur's range of 'Slim Fit' suits, experience the perfect fit, tailored to the contours of your body. The trendy crisp look achieved through thinner lapels, tapered fitand craftsmanship of Lawrencepur will make just the right fashion statement for you.


Classic Fit

Nothing says class, elegance and sophistication like Lawrencepur’s range of ‘Classic Fit’ suits. It works during the day; it works at night. It works at every occasion you'd wear a suit to.Timeless in design and flawless in quality, our range of Classic Fit suits weaves traditional tailoring with modern design to create a style that is not only distinguished, but unforgettable.



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